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Fleet Experts for Hire

Save money building and running your fleet. ThinkFleet offers fully customizable fleet management services that optimize every minute of uptime, get stuff done during downtime, and help manage controllable costs 24 hours a day.

Fleet Management

Fleets and drivers work hard – ThinkFleet has the newest and greatest systems to help them work smarter, too.

No need to get bogged down in the details. There’s freedom in the nimble, adaptable options and experts on board to analyze the data every step of the way.

ThinkFleet is about bringing trailblazing fleet performance and dependable support to fleets of all sizes. These are expectation-busting, future-focused services that keep businesses succeeding well into the future.


We Get it

ThinkFleet gets the grind.

The courier industry requires a lot more than pickups and drop-offs: it’s the logistics, the maintenance, and figuring out what’s next when success comes a-knockin’.

That’s why we’ve pulled every string in our network to bring their expertise to you right when you need it so you can stay on the road.

Fleet Solutions

Fleet optimization

ThinkFleet’s fleet optimization solutions look after your investments. Using our custom suite of onboard software, everything from fuel management to maintenance requests and telematics are measured live to make sure every minute on the road is safe and efficient.

We’ve partnered with aftermarket vendors to equip courier vehicles with industry standard accessories inside and out, including branding and custom upfitting to get your fleet working smarter.

It’s always better on the safe side. Dashcams, accident management, and access to vehicle purchasing power are just a few of the perks that ThinkFleet clients can use to maintain your fleet’s performance.

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Fleet Acquisition

ThinkFleet delivers innovative fleet management solutions other providers can’t, including getting the right vehicles on the road.

Businesses who partner with ThinkFleet for vehicle acquisition get more than just a great deal on a purchase, even though that’s a pretty good start. They also get access to the best upfitting and aftermarket parts geared specifically to the industry they’re in. Every new addition to the fleet arrives exactly to spec and ready to work. The best fleet vehicles don’t just help make money; they actively save money while they’re at it.

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Cost & Risk Management

There are lots of different ways to manage cost and risk out there, but it can be tough to find solutions that make sense and don’t break the bank. ThinkFleet pairs the peace of mind you want as a business owner with the savings you need. You decide what makes sense for you from a menu of risk management programs, starting with in-house safety and training protocol, driver accountability systems, all the way to cost-effective insurance. Courier business owners can even get information to keep vehicles safe through the entire lifecycle.

It’s that easy to prevent, protect, and bounce back when you’ve got the right team behind you.

Driver Productivity

It shouldn’t matter how many drivers are on the roster when it comes to establishing the right procedures, and it doesn’t. As long as there’s at least one of you, ThinkFleet’s driver productivity solutions streamline all of the daily activities that move your business forward. App-based vehicle inspections keep logs organized, driver support and enhancement plans help to form good habits, and you can get everybody on the same page with customized onboarding sessions. People make businesses work, after all.

Vendor Management

What a relief to have access to a built-in network of vendor partners whose sole mission it is to build you up. The ThinkFleet team has decades of automotive industry ties that gets you VIP status and discounted pricing with dozens of national brands and will even manage billing with vendor management solutions tuned to your schedule.

Midnight oil change? Consolidated vendor invoices? Done and done.

Vendor Network

We are proud to partner with a growing network of companies who focus on the well-being of your fleet. Here are just some of our partners.

Getting Started

Start here to explore the world of fleet management, and to find how ThinkFleet can keep you rollin’.

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