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Fleet Acquisition

ThinkFleet delivers innovative fleet management solutions other providers can’t, including getting the right vehicles on the road.

Businesses who partner with ThinkFleet for vehicle acquisition get more than just a great deal on a purchase, even though that’s a pretty good start. They also get access to the best upfitting and aftermarket parts geared specifically to the industry they’re in. Every new addition to the fleet arrives exactly to spec and ready to work.

The best fleet vehicles don’t just help make money; they actively save money while they’re at it.


When a fleet vehicle lifespan comes to an end, it’s not the end of the road. ThinkFleet takes retiring vehicles and turns them into added income. Remarketing services that market and sell used fleet vehicles can create income to invest back into the business. ThinkFleet’s relationships with dealers and auctions ensure that the right buyers are in the loop.

This is cradle to grave, full vehicle lifecycle service by the pros who know the industry best.


Short-term leases are critical to supporting rapid business growth, seasonal increases, and vehicle replacements. Every ThinkFleet client has access to flexible terms thanks to coast-to-coast finance partners and no minimum quantity requirements. Businesses succeed when they can adapt and evolve, so there’s nothing better than having a fleet management service that flexes right along with them.

With enough purchasing power to keep vehicles at the ready, ThinkFleet’s short-term commercial vehicle leasing gets businesses rollin’ faster than ever.


ThinkFleet has set out to transform the fleet management industry.

The goal is to deliver:

  • Hand-in-glove, modular fleet management systems
  • Optimized vehicle uptime and minimized downtime
  • Custom software to track, train, organize, and alert
  • Access to deep financial savings
  • Vendor management and simplified, single-stream billing
  • Wholesale risk management

Fleets and drivers work more than hard; they keep the world running. ThinkFleet is working to improve the systems to help them work smarter.