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Fleet Maintenance

To get the job done, fleet vehicles need to run. ThinkFleet’s maintenance programs handle all the scheduled maintenance, plus any surprises, from booking to billing.

There are so many customizable options available to ThinkFleet maintenance clients that there’s almost not enough room to list them all. So we won’t. Please give our team a call to talk about what your fleet needs to stay on the road.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of the benefits that come with every ThinkFleet maintenance plan.

Access to Service Providers

All of the custom fleet maintenance programs reap the benefits of ThinkFleet’s coast to coast vendor network. These national brand partners are trusted, vetted, and have been serving their communities for decades or more. Having access to high-capacity and specialized service providers keeps even the toughest repairs quick and easy.

To make the most of the workday, scheduled maintenance can even be completed on-site and after hours by a mobile mechanic.

Save Money

ThinkFleet maintenance customers save money through the consolidated billing process. First, the extra eyes on the bills ensure clients are never overcharged. Second, since every bit of service and maintenance is consolidated into a single monthly bill, it can reduce admin time by up to 70%. Having one bill and one payment frees up all that time for business.

Time is money, after all.

driver Roadside support line

Every ThinkFleet maintenance plan comes with access to the Service Support Line for in-house daytime roadside logistics. There’s always someone to call for instructions and next steps during unplanned stoppages or breakdowns.

The team is there to provide support and contact information for towing and mechanics nearby and get the fleet back to full power as soon as possible.

Call the team to talk about what maintenance options are right for your fleet.