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Fleet Optimization for the Courier Industry

Do you have a work wish list? A “maybe one day” bookmark folder with the newest, coolest industry tech that would change the way your business runs if you ever got it?

Throw it out and call ThinkFleet.

ThinkFleet has all the ways to kit out a courier fleet with the most up-to-date gear and custom app technology without it costing an arm and a leg. We’re talking about the perfect upfit packages for the courier grind with deep discounts, thanks to national brand partnerships.

We get it

Of all the pieces of the puzzle courier business owners have to think about in a day, how many of those are actually about the work?

Right. It’s the maintenance schedule, unexpected mechanical issues, and whether Joe might run another red light. Managing one vehicle, let alone a courier fleet, takes so much time away from the road and the customers who depend on you.

An example of the potential upgrades available on your fleet.

ThinkFleet’s comprehensive and fully customizable fleet management solutions cover all of your bases. Shore up and grow your fleet with access to new courier vehicles at deep discounts, or upfit existing fleet vehicles to meet the industry standard for safety and efficiency.

Onboard GPS and driver safety apps track vehicle and driver behaviour to help save money on gas and insurance, while a custom suite of apps paints the whole picture.

Total fleet maintenance services prioritize uptime and get the work done without interrupting business, whether it’s a surprise or not.

The courier industry is essential to our world in ways a lot of folks don’t quite get, but you get it, and so do we. ThinkFleet keeps the courier industry rollin’.

Call ThinkFleet to find out all the ways we can manage your fleet so you can manage your business.