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Our Fleet Management Company

ThinkFleet is a fleet management company based in Burnaby, BC.  The company is lead by the CEO, Steve Cook. His industry experience serves as the driver for innovation in ThinkFleet’s service menus. 

The demo ThinkFleet Ford Transit. This custom van is upfitted with all the tools to keep you rollin’ – call us today and we can bring it by for a demo.

ThinkFleet – Our Story

When a local courier company approached Steve to help smooth out their operational processes, he had an idea. He pitched a program that would make the same level of logistical supports and maintenance programs used with multinational carriers available for smaller fleets. For an industry succeeding largely on the backs of small business owners, this was a game-changer. Downtime wasn’t just an inconvenience – it was a threat to survival.

And just like that, ThinkFleet was born. Our purpose is to fill the gaps in service that were once missing for those owner-operators and small to medium-sized fleets. We’ve taken the concept of optimizing fleet uptime and asked, “How can we do this for every part of fleet operations?” Our answer was to offer nimble, adaptable and fully custom fleet management services that keep the business engines running.

Before ThinkFleet, Steve worked in the heavy equipment industry reengineering the way dealers could streamline finance, service, and warranty delivery to clients. He brings the kind of insider knowledge that enables clients to benefit from full-service vehicle lifecycle support in addition to day-to-day fleet management service. 

Together with a growing team, ThinkFleet is pioneering new ways to keep the fleet industry in motion.

ThinkFleet as a company is obsessed with process improvement. Fleet management is notorious for being clunky, time-consuming, and a barrier to reaching full operational capacity. For the ThinkFleet team, finding system efficiencies and offering support for fleet growth and logistics is what will give small and medium-sized fleets the boost to be their best.

The potential for ThinkFleet is to truly revolutionize the way businesses with fleets approach acquiring and managing their vehicles, from the first day on the job to the final click on the odometer. The team has developed in-house programs like ThinkFleet Maintenance Program and has industry contacts across the country for the express purpose of minimizing their clients’ risk and optimizing every moment of vehicle uptime that’s available.

The fusion of visionary industry leaders with cutting-edge technology, unparalleled cost savings in acquisition, and fully custom service packages has raised the ceiling for the power of fleet management.


Steve, and the team have set out to transform the fleet management industry.

The goal is to deliver:

  • Hand-in-glove, modular fleet management systems
  • Optimized vehicle uptime and minimized downtime
  • Custom software to track, train, organize, and alert
  • Access to deep financial savings
  • Vendor management and simplified, single-stream billing
  • Wholesale risk management

Fleets and drivers work more than hard; they keep the world running. ThinkFleet is working to improve the systems to help them work smarter.